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5 Security Tips for Bay Area Law Firms

Jul 19, 2018


In the legal field the integrity of your clients data is the lifeblood of your business. The Bay Area is particularly vulnerable for ransomware and cyber attack due to the high tech industries that make up Silicon Valley. Protecting and securing this data is essential to the successful operation and reputation of your firm. Breaches of your data can cause millions of dollars in losses and severely damage your firm’s reputation. Here are five tips that are essential to protecting your firm’s data and revenue.

choose secure password

1. Ensure your employees use complex passwords

Requiring your employees to use complex passwords is essential to the protection of your firm’s data. A complex password contains at least 8 characters, a number, a special character and cannot be easily guessed.


backup for law firms

2. Keep encrypted copies of your backups offsite

Ransomware like WannaCry will make all data on your network inaccessible. Having encrypted copies of your backups offsite ensures you have a fresh set of your data to restore in case of a ransomware infection or hardware failure. We like using StorageCraft Cloud.


Lastpass yubikey multi factor authentication

3. Require multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication greatly increases your security. Multi-factor authentication requires a password and a piece of information that only the user has on them. This can include using a token, security key, authenticator app. or a text message to a mobile device. So a password alone will not grant access.


managed antivirus security

4. Use managed anti-virus and malware protection

Having anti-virus and malware protection installed on all endpoints in your network is essential to protecting your data. Virus protections detects and removes viruses before they become a major problem. Managed antivirus reports centrally to your It department (or Managed outsourced It provider) so the IT experts are notified in the event of an infection.



5. Install a firewall / intrusion detection system

Installing a firewall locks down your network to keep destructive elements out of your network. An intrusion prevention system monitors your network for malicious activity and prevents it from causing any damage to your network. We recommend Cisco Firewalls - Meraki Security Appliances like the MX64, MX84, and MX100.


Additional Cybersecurity Resources for San Francisco Bay Area Law Firms

The San Francisco Bar Association has a Cybersecurity and Privacy Law section:

You can contact us at Tech+ Consulting for assistance in securing your network. We provide a comprehensive security assessment and solution that can identify your firm's risks and could potentially save your business millions of dollars as well as your reputation.

Tech+ Consulting is an Oakland, California based Managed IT services company that provides IT consulting and security solutions for east bay law firms.