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IT Support for eDocs Document Management Legal Application

Apr 4, 2019



eDocs is a document management software designed for law practices. This software by OpenText is an excellent solution for document and records formerly known as Hummingbird DM, eDocs is a solution allows organizations to reduce the time and complexity associated with storing and organizing content management. The ability to locate essential information in the correct context at the right time allows firms to run efficiently and gain competitive advantage. For end users, eDocs provides a familiar browser and desktop interface while being able to integrate with popular office software suites like Microsoft Office 365. It also has a powerful search functionality which enables users to locate specific information very quickly.

For administrators and I.T staff, eDocs DM allows quick changes to database structures and forms without having to pay for expensive customizations. eDocs has the ability to support billions of objects, which allows for rapid and seamless scalability. eDocs also provides the ability to be deployed rapidly and updated without physically touching workstations.

What’s new in eDocs version 16?

OpenText has added several new features and improvements to eDocs with the current update.

Improved Search

eDocs version 16 uses a metadata approach with a more powerful search engine to improve accuracy and speed. Previously, search for content would require separate searches of email and content within the eDocs library. Now a search can be performed of the outlook mailbox and eDocs library from the outlook search ribbon.

Enhanced Security

Flex folders are folders that allow the user to view content based on user preferences and re-inherit security and metadata when moving documents between folders. This allows for security to remain intact in dynamic data storage situations. Metadata security allows for the instant changing of permissions and access to any document, further enhancing the already excellent security in place.

Improved User Interface

Several enhancements towards the user interface have created a more streamlined and efficient version of eDocs. Button placement has improved and become more intuitive, as well as some menu options being placed in better locations.

OpenText eDocs is an excellent document management solution that we offer and support for several San Francisco and Oakland law office clients. From implementation to operation, OpenText's eDoc DM solution is a clear winner.


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